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The Student Service Centre (SSC) provides or handles the following services:

  • Orientation & Accommodation
  • ICA / EASB Pass
  • Re-enrolment
  • University Matriculation
  • Application for Course Withdrawal, Deferment, and Transfer
  • Submission of Documents
  • Application for Course Change and Examinations
  • Request for Certification
  • Student Notification and Update of Student Particulars
  • Course Information

All Students may approach SSC Staff for Counseling on any Concerns or Seek Assistance in Resolving Personal Problems.
International students may experience some cultural adjustment problems when they first arrive in Singapore. They will have to find accommodation, learn about the public transport system and sort out their immigration status. They may miss the way they do things at home in their own country. There are some students who may have personal issues to handle, personal crises, difficulties with relationships and a loss of interest in their work.
Any student who is unhappy, lonely or unsure of things, just come to the SSC and talk to the staff. All discussions are private and confidential. We will help you to cope with your problems and we will refer you for specialist help if necessary. We welcome students to visit the SSC to discuss any questions or matters, which concern you, to ask for information, or just to get to know us.
The SSC will work towards providing the best care for International students because it believes that one can best achieve - both academically and personally - only when one has a happy, secure and stimulating environment. Our wish is that you will find in your time here, as so many other students have done in the past, that Singapore has become your home from home.
You may drop in at the Centre any time or you may wish to call us at Tel: 63517872 / 63517874. You may also e-mail us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your questions and concerns.

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