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We appreciate the feedback of every student, as it is through such feedback that we can continuously improve on our services. Students are able to provide feedback through various channels:

  • Quarterly course evaluation for students to assess on academic content, course delivery and student support services.
  • Regular coffee sessions are conducted by the Head of School to improve two-way communication.
  • Counseling sessions to provide students more information on their academic progression.
  • Meet-the-Principal session provides the opportunity for students to communicate with top management.
  • Feedback Box located at the Canteen and Student Service Centre.

You may relate your feedback or complaints verbally or in writing with the school through the Student Service Centre. Upon receipt of your feedback or complaint verbally or in writing, the Student Service Executive will investigate and revert to you within the next two (2) working days excluding Saturday and Sunday.
If the Student Service Executive is not able to resolve the case, your complaint will be escalated to your respective Head of School / Head of Department or the Head of Student Service, who will look into your matter and try to resolve your case within the following two (2) working days.
If the Head of School / Head of Department or the Head of Student Service is not able to resolve the case, it will be brought to the Executive Director or a Review Committee appointed by the Principal. The committee will revert with a decision within the following three (3) working days.
In all, depending on the nature of issue, you will receive a formal resolution to your complaint from the school within seven (7) or twenty one (21) working days, from the date of receipt of complaint. For complaints that relate to external institutions / parties, the school will endeavor to revert within a maximum of twenty one (21) working days.
The procedures for sending in your complaints can be through any of the following:

  • Complete the Feedback Form, which can be obtained from the Student Service Centre or from our website at
  • Send an email to our general complaint account at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

In the event that the student and EASB are still unable to resolve the dispute in accordance with the feedback & complaints procedures, the student and EASB may refer the complaint to the Council of Private Education ( for mediation.


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