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Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Accounting (Top-up)

The BA (Hons) Accounting is designed to provide the theoretical and practical perspective of the accounting field to enable candidates make an effective contribution to an organisation as a junior manager upon graduation.

Programme Objective

To provide students with the knowledge and skills that will enable them to follow a career in all areas of accounting and a wide range of careers in business and finance. 

To lay the foundation for future and continuing professional development. 

To develop students’ competence and practical skills in accounting. 

To provide students with the relevant knowledge and understanding of accounting as it relates to the wider business context


Internal Auditor
External Auditor
Finance Manager
Treasury Manager
Product Controller
Tax Manager

Delivery Schedule
 2019 Quarter 1
28 Jan 2019 -  5 May 2019 
 2019 Quarter 2
6 May 2019 - 28 Jul 2019 
 2019 Quarter 3
29 Jul 2019 - 20 Oct 2019 
 2018 Quarter 4
21 Oct 2019 - 19 Jan 2019 
BAA6003 Auditing and Corporate Governance  BAA6002 Advanced Financial Reporting BSP6000 Strategic Management BAA6003 Auditing and Corporate Governance 
BAA 6004 Advanced Financial Management  BAA6091 Advanced Taxation BAA6000 Advanced Performance Management BAA 6004 Advanced Financial Management 
Progression Pathway
Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Accounting (Top-up)
Mode & Duration
Full-time: 12 mths
Part-time: 12 mths

Jan / May / Jul / Oct


One Month Prior to Intake Dates
Average Teacher-Student Ratio
Assignment, Project, Practical and Written Examination
  • 1. Advanced Financial Management
    • The module is designed to build on the finance related knowledge and skills acquired by students in their earlier studies, particularly those acquired via study of Financial Management in their second year. It will also provide a strategic understanding of financial management policy and practices. The module complements other 3rd year modules in the finance area, particularly investment management and taxation. It does more than any other module to integrate various aspects of studentsí accounting studies from the viewpoint of the finance director or treasurer.
  • 2. Advanced Financial Reporting
    • This module aims to build on the knowledge, written, numerical problem solving skills gained in financial reporting and to provide an understanding of the theory and the regulatory environment of financial reporting and of the contents and requirements of the principle accounting standards.
  • 3. Advanced Performance Management
    • Performance Management aim to ensure candidates can apply judgment and technique in the analysis of relevant data to provide management with the information required to contribute to a range of strategic planning, control and decision making situations.
  • 4. Advanced Taxation
    • This module builds on the knowledge gained in taxation and aims to provide the students with an understanding of the calculation of the corporation tax and VAT liabilities of a limited company, the capital gains tax liabilities of individuals and business, the taxation of partnerships and the international aspects of taxation relating both to individuals and companies.
  • 5. Auditing and Corporate Governance
    • This module builds upon the basic foundations developed in auditing. Students should be able to apply advanced auditing techniques as well as dealing with corporate governance in audit and general auditing practice. Students should be able to apply the principles of auditing to situations that they may meet in practice and critically evaluate the role of the auditor.
  • 6. Strategic Management
    • This module is the major integrative element in the programme. It builds on the knowledge and skills acquired in earlier modules to enhance critical awareness of senior management decision-making. It addresses strategic management as a complex agenda of fundamental questions and problems that concern organizations and their future development. In order to address this complexity and generate a richer picture of organizations, the module also considers the context or environment in which an organization performs and the individuals whose actions help shape organizational performance.

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