The 20th of August marked an exciting round of audition for our most watched annual singing competition, Voice of EASB 2014. More than 60 participants turned up for the audition that took place at the EASB Auditorium. Students’ performances were judged on four main criteria, namely pitch, rhythm, originality and stage presence. The prestigious panel of judges, Mr Wong Hong Mok 黄宏墨, Mr Wee Chin Hock 黄进福 and our very own Head of Student Services and Preparatory Programmes, Ms Rachel Kor were looking for not just good vocals, but potential emerging stars with that extra edge.

Mr Wong Hong Mok 黄宏墨, well-known as a man of many talents, is a local renowned folk rock singer-songwriter, a professional photographer and a music producer. Mr Wong has over 30 years of experience in the music industry and was the first to represent Singapore in the 2nd Asia Music Concert (第二届中新歌会) in 2004. His music album (野人的梦) was well-received by music lovers. Mr Wee Chin Hock 黄进福would be a familiar face to many too; the assistant producer of EASB’s Voice 2013, one of the representatives of the Xin Yao Movement and a veteran of the advertising industry is back this year as one of our judges.

Our ears were treated to a mix of vocals from some of the best talents in EASB. This year’s singing competition saw a few familiar faces too. Last year’s running up, Wu Si Yu, returned in the hopes to enjoy an even more successful run this year. “Singing has always been my passion. I was curious last year when I was introduced to the competition by a singer, but I’m back this year to take myself further in the competition”, said the bachelor degree year 1 student.

28 students were selected from this audition. These students will return on the 27th of August for our semi-final and will be competing for a place in the top 14. EASB staff and students, please do come and show your support to your favorite contestant at the EASB auditorium from 2.30pm onwards.

We here at EASB wish all our semi-finalists the best of luck and our heartfelt thank you to all those who have participated! Stay tuned!



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