Smart classrooms in EASB enhance learning experience for both lecturers and students. The recent addition of the interactive flat panel has expanded the boundaries of classroom learning in a digital setting.  The use of this SMART learning and teaching technology is to increase the efficiency, effectiveness and relevance of competence-based curricula students learn and the teaching delivered by our lecturers and trainers.

Ms Eunice Ho, a Business Management lecturer, finds the panel to be convenient and very useful for students.  "It is easier to explain concepts to students. Notes are directly written on the slides and can be immediately uploaded for students to refer," shares Ms Ho.

This sets a new platform for collaborative learning, where both lecturers and students are involved in discussions, tapping on to each other's ideas and learning. Ms Ho feels that there is "an increase of interaction and fun" in engaging students.

Smart learning also allows students to make notes on their smart devices and revise at their own pace. Embracing the "New Blended Learning" initiative into EASB way of teaching, students are given tablets and right to use CANVAS learning management system to access online resources such as lecture materials, quizzes, videos, homework practice questions, input to class discussion board, ebooks and additional readings.  

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