It was a great turnout for “The Peninsula, Tokyo Recruitment Drive” held at EASB last week with over 60 applicants, from MSc and BAIHTM final year students. This recruitment drive aims to recruit our students for either a 6-months internship during final year study or a full-time employment after their graduation from EASB.  

A great turnout for the interview from our MSc and BAIHTM final year students.

The Peninsula, Tokyo is one of the top hotels in Japan, a Five-Star Luxury hotel set in the upscale of Marunouchi business district in Tokyo, Japan. The Hotel was named the “Best Hotel in Tokyo” for 2017 and voted by Travel + Leisure global readers as one of their “Annual World's Best Awards” winner.

In 2017, Ms. Nong Jiaqi, Jacy, one of our final year BAIHTM students from the 2017 cohort, was selected after going through four rounds of interview, for an internship with The Peninsula, Tokyo in August. She is currently undergoing training in the Rooms Division and is very much enjoying her cross-cultural internship experiences.

In Fact, The Peninsula, Tokyo is so impressed with Jacy’s performance; they decided to join us in Singapore for “The Peninsula Tokyo Recruitment Drive” at EASB Singapore Campus this year.


One-on-one interview with Mr. Brustia, Assistant Director of Human Resource, The Peninsula,Tokyo.

Internship is a valuable on-job training opportunity for our students to gain relevant real world experiences locally and internationally in the industry they work for. The Joint EASB-The Peninsula, Tokyo on-job training and full-time employment opens the door of opportunities for our students to work in an international environment, learning about the culture, working ethics, sharpening and honing new skills, as well as learning to handle real life problems during training. We would like to express greatest appreciation to Mr. Michele Brustia, Assistant Director of Human Resource, who flew specially to Singapore for this interview. We also wish our students best of luck for this work internship and full-time employment with the Peninsula, Tokyo! 

Mr.Michele Brustia, The Peninsula, Tokyo and Mr. Sydney Chu, Director of Placement and Training, EASB. Peninsula, Tokyo

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