Vision, Mission, Values


To be an innovation-driven global education provider for all who aspire to succeed.


To empower students with future skills and technological professionalism and high ethical standards so that they become immediate, valued contributors to businesses and society.

Core Values

MARKETING is our daily throught
MATRIX organisation is our practice
MENTORING is how we lead
METICULOUS execution is how we ensure desired outcomes
TEAMWORK is our spirit
INNOVATION is how we compete
PROCESS is how we ensure quality and consistency
SPEED and ACCURACY is how we deliver

Learning by Critical Thinking through instructional content, online and outside of the classroom (Flipped Classroom)

Learning by Doing through experiental projects, work-place and work-based attachments and internship.

Learning by Research through fostering critical thinking, independent learning and self-directed learning by accessing the Learning Support Resources in Learning Space / Cloud.

The EASB Holistic Education Approach (HEA) is not just an academic program but more importantly, it gears our students to be READY and CONFIDENT for a professional career.

EASB Holistic Education Approach is built on 4 main areas:

  1. Industry-relevant curriculum
    Regular reviews of the subject content and programs to match business and industry-specific requirements ensure that our graduates stay ahead of the knowledge demand. Each review, drawn from feedbacks in the industries and existing practitioners, enables supplements to be included that offer new knowledge and applications in businesses around the world. Refinements are constantly made to the syllabi so that all the subjects in the program integrate to make the learning outcome comprehensive and useful for our students immediately upon graduation. In addition, lecturers are specifically selected for their vast working experiences in the business world allowing them to bring into the classroom real-world scenarios that will enrich and enliven the learning experiences of our students.
  2. Academic achievement with practical orientation
    The curriculum of each program is streamlined to enable students to focus on the latest key concepts, theories, and applications. Different delivery techniques focusing on student-centred learning are determined and adopted for individual subjects so that our students can produce good academic results. Students undergo continuous assessments on the main topics so that they are able to articulate them with ease in different settings. Along with it, we also seek to enhance the student’s competency in analytical and critical thinking skills. Just as important, learning by practices and observations are injected into many subjects so that students are able to experience for themselves first hand, which include industrial training or internships, corporate visits, field surveys, and site observations.
  3. Personal enrichment & Career development
    Programs incorporating personal grooming and social etiquette sessions and other soft skills such as time management, presentation and communication techniques, self-awareness, and team-building are be provided in different stages of their studies. Ultimately this personal enrichment package seeks to help our students to transform into well-groomed, articulate and confident individuals able to conduct themselves professionally during internships and employment interviews, subsequently in their jobs as well. EASB Career development unit will assist our students in their university matriculation as well as procure job placement interviews for those who need it. Prior to one’s job search, assistance can be offered in resume writing, interview preparations and job screening for a nominal fee. EASB is fully committed to not only providing quality education programmes but also in delivering personal post-course services for every student upon completion of their studies.
  4. Innovate, challenge viewpoints
    Students are always encouraged to view situations from different angles. Students are encouraged to think out-of-the-box and to form different approaches and solutions. Along with their academic concepts and theories, to also navigate real-world issues that enterprises face by challenging convention and innovating a proprietary future.