EAIM Kickstarts Your Education Online Amid the Current Coronavirus Situation

As the respective governments are doing their best to control the Coronavirus situation, you can still get the same Singapore quality education online with East Asia Institute of Management (EAIM). We are kickstarting the courses online to give you a head-start in your learning while you still in your own country.

EAIM has been nurturing career-ready professionals for over 30 years, providing students with quality education in Singapore. Our students are equipped with practical, industry-relevant knowledge to gain a competitive edge in their careers.

Interactive real-time online classes

Classes are conducted real-time with our lecturers for an interactive, engaging experience.

What if I’m currently not in Singapore

Even if you are currently not located in Singapore, you will be able to enrol and attend the online classes first. EAIM will apply the student passes for our international students once the Singapore government lifts the travel restrictions. For Singapore students, you can attend our online classes until the school reopens for classes on campus.

Comprehensive online student portal

Every student will have access to their individual student portal, LMS where there will be notes from lecturers and class recordings for your revision.

What happens when Singapore schools reopen?

When schools reopen in Singapore, local students will be required to continue the classes on campus. For international students, we will apply the student pass for you once travel restrictions are lifted so that you can continue your studies in Singapore.

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Preparatory Programmes

Singapore - Cambridge ‘O’ level Examination
This programme prepares students for the GCE “O” Level Examination with regular assessments that are aligned with the syllabus stipulated by the Ministry of Education Examination authorities. Students who perform well in the GCE “O” Level will be able to enter Singapore junior colleges, polytechnics, or progress to EAIM’s Certificate in Business Management and Diploma programmes.

Intake and Duration:  
Course Duration SOC Date Preparatory course for
24 MONTHS 7 Dec 2020 Sec 3 & Sec 4
18 MONTHS 1 Jun 2020 Sec 3* & Sec 4
12 MONTHS 7 Dec 2020 Sec 4

Certification Courses

Certificate In Business English
The Certificate in Business English is specially designed to prepare students with a firm foundation of the English language for entry into the degree programmes by our UK university partners. This certificate consists of 4 levels - Basic English Training for Entry into Degree Programme (BETEDP) and English Training for Entry into Degree Programme (ETEDP) which is further divided into intermediate, upper-intermediate and advance levels.

Intake Period: Monthly 
Duration: BETEDP (9 months), ETEDP L1 (6 months), ETEDP L2 (4 months) , ETEDP L3 (2 months)

Diploma & Advanced Diploma

International Hospitality Management
The Diploma in International Hospitality Management offers students practical knowledge in the hospitality, attractions and tourism industry, as well as to develop their work skills. Advanced Diploma students will be required to complete an internship programme with our network of either local or overseas partners.

Intake Period: Jan / Apr / Jul / Sep
Diploma: 6 months   
Advanced Diploma: 6 months + 6 months internship


BA (Hons) in Int'l Hospitality and Tourism Management

The BA (Hons) in International Hospitality and Tourism Management develops students for managerial positions in the hospitality, attractions and tourism industry, as well as to develop their communication skills.

Intake Period:  Feb / May / Aug / Oct
Duration: 12 mths

Post Graduate Programmes

MBA (Heriot-Watt)

The Edinburgh Business School Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Heriot-Watt University is designed for individuals wishing to gain advanced management skills and expertise. The MBA is a broadbased management degree and targeted for people with experience who wish to develop themselves as effective managers.

Intake Period:  Mar / Jun / Aug / Dec
Duration: 12 mths

Our University Partners


*About Our Online Classes

These online classes are to kickstart your learning journey with us, amid the current situation. When the situation allows, we would encourage students to continue their studies in Singapore.