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Placement & Training

Preparing our students for career challenges
To prepare our student and graduates for entry into the corporate world, EASB takes pride in offering critical value-adding career development support to maximize opportunities in job searches. With our strengths in preparing our student to be career-professionals, we provide student enrichment programmes such as grooming workshops, to equip our students with the essential skills, creating the competitive advantage to succeed in the corporate world.

Practical Trainings in Curriculum to provide our students with cutting edge skills for the workplace.

Practical Trainings are part of the curriculum to provide our students with the cutting edge skill sets that are relevant for the workplace.
Our Hospitality Training Centre is equipped with a comprehensive range of industrial standard systems such as Fidelio (Hotel Front Office system) and Micros (Food & Beverage system). These systems are incorporated into the curriculum to better prepare students to handle day-to-day operations in the real world.

Our H&T programmes are specifically designed to groom students to be competent managers and executives. Coursework for our hospitality and tourism courses are supplemented by a 6-month hands-on internship programme with renowned hospitality and tourism related organisations including hotels, restaurants and attractions.

Some of our Hotel Partners

The unique physical health assessment room is a training environment is stocked with up to date health care equipment that complies with the requirements of the Singapore Nursing Board. This is developed and dedicated solely for our nursing course and it is a simulation and demonstration unit established to develop and refine, in a safe and supported environment, the physical assessment and communication skills which are required of professional nurses.

EASB Balestier campus houses a full-fledged English Resource Centre and is used exclusively for language tutorials. Lessons and exercises are conducted frequently so that the students are exposed to a variety of listening and speaking drills. This especially benefits students who are deficient in English and also aims at confidence-building for interviews and competitive examinations. The sessions in the English Resource Centre also include word games, quizzes, extemporary speaking, debates, skits etc. A Psychology lab is in the pipeline and currently being created for Psychology students. Once completed, it would serve as an instructional resource center for the psychology students with clinical experience and practical training. The Psychology Lab would contain up to date references such as psychology journals and articles to enhance the overall psychology learning experience for EASB students.
EASB Holistic Education Approach Print

Preparing students for a sucessful career – Ready & Confident

The EASB Holistic Education Approach (HEA) is not just an academic program but more importantly it gears our students to be READY and CONFIDENT for a CAREER. We provide courses that are relevant to the industry so that students are assured that the courses they study would prepare them for a career.

EASB Holistic Education Approach is built on 4 main areas: 

 (1) Industry relevant curriculum

Regular reviews of the subject content and programs to match business and industry specific requirements ensure that our graduates stay ahead of the knowledge demand. Each review, drawn from feedbacks in the industries and existing practitioners, enables supplements to be included that offer new knowledge and applications in businesses around the world. Refinements are constantly made to the syllabi so that all the subjects in the program integrate to make the learning outcome comprehensive and useful for our students immediately upon graduation. In addition,  lecturers are specifically selected for their vast working experience in the business world allowing them to bring into the classroom real-world scenarios that will enrich and enliven the learning experience of our students.

 (2) Academic achievement with practical orientation

Curriculum of each program is streamlined to enable students to focus on the latest key concepts, theories and applications. Different delivery techniques focusing on student-centred learning are determined and adopted for individual subjects so that our students can produce good academic results. Students undergo continuous assessments on the main topics so that they are able to articulate them with ease in different settings. Along with it, we also seek to enhance the student’s competency in analytical and critical thinking skills. Just as important, learning by practices and observations are injected into many subjects so that students are able to experience for themselves first hand, which include industrial trainings or internships, corporate visits, field surveys, and site observations.

 (3) Personal enrichment & Career development

Programs incorporating personal grooming and social etiquette sessions and other soft skills such as time management, presentation and communication techniques, self-awareness, and team-building are be provided in different stages of their studies.  Ultimately this personal enrichment package seeks to help our students to transform into well-groomed, articulate and confident individuals able to conduct themselves professionally during internships and employment interviews, subsequently in their jobs as well. EASB Career development unit will assist our students in their university matriculation as well as procure job placement interviews for those who need it.  Prior to one’s job search, assistance can be offered in resume writing, interview preparations and job screening for a nominal fee.  EASB is fully committed in not only providing quality education programmes, but also in delivering personal post-course services for every student upon completion of their studies.

 (4) Innovate, challenge view points

Students are always encouraged to view situations from different angles . Students are encouraged to think out-of-thebox and to form different approaches and solutions. Along with their academic concepts and theories, to also navigate real world issues that enterprises face by challenging convention and innovating a proprietary future.


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Quality Programmes & University Partnerships

We keep in pace with the global economy and provide quality programmes in partnership with internationally recognized universities from UK and Australia, across various programmes such as

  • Hospitality & Tourism,
  • Business management,
  • Accounting, Banking and Finance 
  • Logistics / Supply Chain Management
  • Information Management and Technology
  • Nursing and Allied Health Sciences

Our academic programmes ranges all the way from certificate to diploma and all the way to Bachelor and Postgraduate degree level, catering to diverse groups of students who are genuinely interested to enhance their careers. Identical degrees are also awarded by universities as on-campus studies.


Articulation arrangements with about 30 foreign universities
Articulation with about 30 foreign universities makes EASB’s courses unique in Singapore. EASB’s diploma and advanced diploma courses are designed using the UK universities Credit Accumulation Transfer Scheme (CATS), which allows our students to make a claim for exemption from a module, or access to a particular level of study into another articulated institution. Thus this facilitates advanced standings for our student’s progression into universities in UK, Australia and New Zealand.

We also facilitate and assist the students to transfer to articulated overseas universities should they wish to do so. Intending student applicants who wish to enter these universities should consult with our student re-enrollment and general office before proceeding.

Click here for a list of articulated arrangements.


Full fledge campus in Singapore

Currently, the Balestier campus is fully equipped to meet the learning and recreational needs of up to 6,000 enrolled students. New state-of-the-art facilities include 24 classrooms of various capacities and 3 lecture theatres; a students’ learning centre; a library; a computer and language laboratory; admin office floor; hospitality training centre; physical health assessment room for training students under Bachelors of Nursing; multi-purpose hall; 2 badminton courts; 2 basketball courts.


Global blend of Diversity
About 25% of our students are locals and the rest derive from more than 30 countries all over the world including Belgium, UK, Russia, China, India, Thailand, Mongolia, Argentina and others, with students from China forming 30% of the total student population. The cross-cultural student mix provides an effective platform for a good English-speaking environment whilst providing an enriching multi-culture experiences.

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Student Testimonials Print

"“EASB has a well mix of international student body. The lecturers are approachable and friendly are always open to hear your opinions and views. ." - Bradley Pang, Singapore, EASB Advanced Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism Management 2012, leading to Bachelor of Arts Hospitality and Tourism Management Queen Margaret University

"I enjoy my learning experience in EASB as it offers excellent learning resources and a very conducive environment for studying. Teachers and school staff are very friendly and helpful throughout the my entire course of study. Coming to EASB, I feel motivated and yearn to learn more each day. " - Le Nhi Quyen, Suri, Vietnam, Bachelor of Arts Hospitality and Tourism Management, Undergraduate 2012, Queen Margaret University

"As the years passed, my initial impression of EASB changed from being just another private institution into a whole new experience where I was given the opportunity to express our talents and skills. Staff of EASB also focus on students well being in a friendly environment within and beyond the school. ” - Li Si Mu, 21, China, Master of Science in International Hospitality Management and Leadership, Undergraduate 2012 Bachelor of Arts Hospitality and Tourism Management, Alumnus 2011 Queen Margaret University

"Lecturers in EASB manage to infuse vitality into even the most dreary lectures by sharing industrial experience while using realistic scenarios to keep us thinking. " - Eunice Fulvia, 17, Indonesia, Bachelor of Arts Hospitality and Tourism Management, Undergraduate 2012 Queen Margaret University 

"I am surrounded with people of different nationalities which make class experience more memorable and fun. EASB not only provides an international exposure, they also prepare us for the challenges we would face in the working society " - Nicholas Wong, 20, Singapore, Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Banking and Finance, Undergraduate 2012 Cardiff Metropolitan University

"I chose to study at EASB based on its reputation and its affilation with many universities from the UK. I can confidently say that EASB has not only met, but surpassed my expectations. The coursework is stimulating and te lecturers encouraging. Even though I am only at the beginning of course, I am convinced that in the end, EASB will truly make me career-ready " - Nora Turoman, 19, Serbia, Bachelor of Science (Hons) Psychological Studies, Undergraduate 2012 Cardiff Metropolitan University

"My experience in EASB has been a fun and complete experience. EASB not only prepare me for my career in Hospitality and Tourism Management, it also allows me to explore my creative side as well as I was part of performing arts club and basketball club. " - Manolo Martinez, Philippines, Bachelor of Arts Hospitality and Tourism Management, Alumnus 2011 Queen Margaret University  

"EASB has a warm supporting and motivating environment. It has given me an opportunity to broaden my horizons and learn about new cultures. "
- Aishwarya Bodke, India,MBA Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh Business, School Class of 2012  

"EASB is the best choice for learning about Hospitality & Tourism in Singapore. The Lecturers not only equip the students with the fundamentals, but also prepare them for a career in Hospitality. During my internship, I realised that whatever I learnt  in school could actually be applied in real work environment." - Abhijeet Singh, 21, India, Bachelor of Arts Hospitality & Tourism Management (2010), Queen Margaret University

"Campus life is very vibrant and I enjoyed being a student here. Lecturers are able to relate what is being taught in the curriculum with their wealth of Experience. The holistic curriculum and the practical training that I have acquired in EASB truly prepares me for a career in Hospitality & Tourism Management." - Peggy Xiao Shengjie, 21, China, Bachelor of Arts Hospitality & Tourism Management (2010), Queen Margaret University

"The lecturers are very adept & often share their own experiences with us. This is quite imperative in today’s practical world where knowledge needs to be backed up with real world application.” - Shashwith Uttapa, 22, India, Master of Business Administration (2010), Heriot-Watt University (Edinburgh Business School)

"It is an enriching and fulfilling experience. The courses I attended in EASB helped me learn as much outside the classroom as I have inside; I've learnt more about myself and what I am capable of doing upon graduation. I am getting closer to my aspiration of being a high flyer in the workforce. Are you" - Jasmine Lee, 20, Singapore, Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Business Management Studies International Business Management (2010), University of Wales Institute, Cardiff 

"East Asia Institute of Management is my first step to success which I took 2 years ago. Besides preparing us  to work with people, the school also enables us to learn independently through various projects and assignments. Along with an internship, EASB has helped us develop diverse approaches for the working environment. The lecturers and staff are very helpful and always going the extra mile to make us feel at home. Thank you EASB!" - Annie Yang Jiayi, 22, China, Bachelor of Arts Hospitality and Tourism Management (2010), Queen Margaret University

"I have a great time at EASB! I get to meet students from different countries and student activities on campus always keeps us occupied. Lecturers at EASB generate higher participation of students and they keep us interested by sharing with us their industry experience.  This is invaluable in my preparation of towards becoming a career-ready professional." - Jiao Yang, 20, China, Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Business Management Studies Human Resource Management (2010), University of Wales Institute, Cardiff

"I choose to study in EASB as it is considered one of the top schools in the private education sector in Singapore. Especially as EASB works together with well known universities from UK/Europe. The lecturers are very supportive and did a great job in preparing the students for a modern business world." - Erik Potthoff, 26, Germany, Master of Business Administration (2010), Heriot-Watt University (Edinburgh Business School) 

"EASB's lecturers are helpful and being in a multi-cultural campus has also helped me to widen my knowledge on different work ethics and cultures. I know that with what I learnt in EASB, I can succeed and blend in the workforce with confidence." -
Tao Jing Yi, 18, China, Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Banking and Finance (2010),  University of Wales Institute, Cardiff  

"Taking up the programme exposes me to various aspects of the business environment that I would be facing in the future. EASB boosted confidence in my future and I'm definitely ready for my career." - Lin Nan, 20, China Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Business Management Studies International Business Management, University of Wales Institute (2010), Cardiff

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