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Bachelor of Science Nursing Studies (Post-Registration)

For Foreign Trained Nurses
The BSc Nursing Studies (Post registration), is a full-time degree completion programme designed to meet the professional needs of the Registered Nurse not working in Singapore. Nurses will need to have experience working in a variety of settings, in primary, secondary and tertiary care. The programme is specifically designed for registered nurses to enable them to further develop their knowledge and skills and return to their own country to develop local nursing practice.

Programme Objective

On completion of the degree programme, the graduate will be able to:
Reflect critically, evaluate practice using sound evidence base approach.

Develop and implement clinical assessment skills and problem solving approaches to integrate patient centred care.

Select and analyse theories and concepts which underpin practice.

Develop leadership skills that will enable them to manage nursing practice in a changing healthcare environment.

Function effectively in partnership with others and respond constructively to changing patterns in healthcare.

Demonstrate critical self-awareness and identify their personal and professional development needs

Progression Pathway
Bachelor of Science Nursing Studies (Post-Registration)
Mode & Duration
Full-time 12 months
Average Teacher-Student Ratio
Comprises of examination, presentations and assignments.
  • 1. Research for Practice
    • This module equips and consolidates knowledge of the research process and enables practitioners to critically evaluate and reflect on research evidence.
  • 2. Perspectives of Nursing
    • This module offers nurses the opportunity to foster and further develop skills of physical and health assessment which assist in planning nursing care. It provides them with an understanding and comprehensive foundation of the principles of health assessment in clinical practice. Nurses will carry out an in-depth study of the structure and functions of the various systems with emphasis on pathophysiology of the diseased state. They will learn to use enquiry & problem-based approaches, in the investigation of acute / critical illness.
  • 3. Leading in Health Care
    • This module explores the beliefs and theories underpinning leadership and human relations in professional practice and examines the role of leadership in the change process. It also aims to develop practitioners who are able to manage high quality nursing care by responding appropriately to changing health care needs.
  • 4. Teaching and Learning In Practice
    • This module develops an in-depth understanding of teaching and learning in the clinical setting and enhances their knowledge and skills as educators, mentors and preceptors.
  • 5. Ethical and Legal Issues In Health Care
    • This module provides nurses the opportunity to explore and analyse the nature and scope of professional nursing practice within Singapore. It is aimed at developing a sound understanding of nursing ethics, the relevance of the study of ethics to the nursing practice, the skills related to methods of enquiry in ethics and the legal perspectives of nursing practice.
  • 6. Clinical Judgement and Decision Making
    • This module enables nurses to critically analyse and evaluate evidence in relation to professional judgment in health care, appreciate the relevance and application to current developments in health care and critically reflect on personal professional judgment.
  • 7. Applied Pharmacology For Nursing Practice
    • This module aids nurses to further develop their knowledge and skills in the therapeutic delivery of drug administration through the use of independent study and problem-based learning. Each nurse will have a specific focus of his/her own practice area as a basis for learning.


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