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Looking at futuristic technologies in films used to be a marvel as it opened semmingly endless possibiltiies of new innovation. The advent of Artifical Intelligence (AI) has worked its way up since the 1960s, where the US Department of Defense first explored the field of training computers to imitate human reasoning. Over the years, we realise this door opened a realm of possibilities, challenging ideas and pushing our imagination in technological advancement.

Today, AI has taken root in many industries and has aid well in convenience and efficiency in our lives. Here’s why learning picking up a thing or two on AI might help you go far in the future.

1.      Discovery through data

In the sets of statistics and analysis, AI is able to interpret more details and pick up than what humans cannot see. The more information AI is fed with, the more knowledge it accumluates, enhancing its ability to give new analysis and find things that is not easily seen from human perspective.

2.      More information, more intelligence

As huge amount of data is given to AI, it becomes enhanced through the various channels of information. With that, AI becomes more knowledgeable as it is built with the capacity to look at a subject from various angles. Over time, devices become better and smarter from the previous editions as it works on improvements and further upgrades its technology.

3.      An advantage in companies

With AI to comb out the huge chunks of data, it can offer insights, trends and deeper analysis, giving companies the edge to identfy underlying issues and predict trends that can give competitive advantage for companies. And even if having AI becomes common, it is the company with the best data that has a better edge than the rest.

EASB offers a place to grow potentials and steer students in the path of exceeding their potential through creative thinking and innovation.  Learning AI is found in Business Management courses, where we equip students with the right foundation of AI and its relevance in industries.

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