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On 10 July, the School of Hospitality hosted a round of luncheon for staff students. Diners are greeted with friendly Year 3 students, who have been taught and trained to serve in various aspects of hospitality frontline.

The floor scene displayed servers giving their best while being assessed by diners, who would write in their feedback at the end of the lunch. Orders in the kitchen added momentum and churned out team effort to complete their tasks.

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You Yi, who was appointed to be Head Chef, shared that it was a good experience whilst facing challenges in his first management of a team of four. “A big challenge is managing the people.”

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Looking after the floor was Eugene, who was appointed to be the Operations Manager. A big part of his duty was to manage the team and ensuring the guests were satisfied with their experience from time to time. Moving from a waiter to an Operations Manager, Eugene felt that stepping up allows him to see things in the bigger picture. “You start to oversee everything, to have foresight and learning what to expect..”

Both You Yi and Eugene were under Barry’s charge, who was made to be the General Manager. Although exhausted, Barry shared an eye opening experience that immersed him to handle situations practically. Being in bumpy circusmtances gave Barry moments of opportunities to grow quickly.

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With practical assessments, the Hospitality students not only benefitted from experience but feedback from diners. This allows them to have their performances looked at from different angles, and improve on their services.

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