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H&T’s Luncheon is back for the hospitality students to bring their knowledge to the plate in a dining environment. From the role of a server to managing the operations, Year 3 students from International Hospitality and Tourism Management were given opportunity to showcase what they learnt.

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The luncheon provided a 3 course meal, with students in our Hospitality and Tourism Training Centre to serve staff and guests. Diners can observe students’ skills and share their feedback on their performances.

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One of the students, Wu Fan Dean, shared his first exposure in the role of a General Manager as a nervous experience, but learned much through the process.

“I learned to see the big picture and that you cannot do everything by yourself, it’s also important to have a team with good planning and preparation.”

Another student played the role of a Head Chef, Zhang Wen Yue, who had to oversee the operations in the kitchen, learning to plate dishes, and making sure the food gets to diners on time.

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One of the biggest challenge was keeping it altogether as there were many things to look out for.  It was through this that he had to apply the advice given by his teacher, “You need to keep calm.”

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The H&T’s luncheon brings exposure to situations in a dining environment, allowing them to apply what they learn and receive feedback on their performances.  

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