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It was one epic highlight of the year as EASB held its annual dinner! EASB also held a talent contest, “Stars of EASB’, where 14 young talents battled out for the top prize of a $1000 and a trophy. We were amazed by the creative and vibrant sides of students who exhibited their best performances through singing, dancing and even magic!

Various performances throughout the Annual Dinner

The unforgettable night also saw the recognition of EASB staff, as they were presented in various awards: Excellent Lecturers, Best Performing HOS, Best Employee, Top Region Performance and so on. Congratulations!

Recognizing our staff in their achievements

The Annual Dinner ended with concluding Fayola as the winner of the talent competition. Fayola is from the School of Hospitality and Tourism Management who presented a solo opera performance. With her extraordinary talent, she stunned the crowd and judges with a strong and enchanting voice.

Our grand champion of “Stars of EASB”!
The first runner up was Rathi Mei Ling, from the School of Psychology, who performed a dance item and attracted the crowd with her energy and lively spirit.

Ruthi Mei Ling got her grooves on for the show

The second runner up was Vanessa Nee, from the School of Business Management who engaged the crowd with a magic performance and wowed us in amazement.

A captivating magical act by Vanessa Nee

Seeing the students step up to showcase their talents was not only a visual treat, it was also knowing that there is more to a student’s life than just studying. And we’re happy that students are also pursuing their talents as well.

To all students who participated in “Stars of EASB”, good job and we hope to see you and many other hidden talents next year!

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