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Certificate In Business English

The EASB Certificate in Business English (CBE) is a course registered with the Council for Private Education, Ministry of Education. It is specially designed to prepare students for entry into the degree programme offered by our university partners. It comprises of two components, namely:

• Basic English Training for Entry into Degree Programme (B-ETEDP) (3 months)

• English Training for Entry into Degree Programme (ETEDP) - Intermediate, Upper - Intermediate & Advanced levels (6 months)




To provide students with a firm foundation for a strong competence and command of the English language to help them progress smoothly through their degree course studies;

To focus on reinforcing grammar points;

To build a wider vocabulary bank covering both social and business terms;

To give students an understanding of business terms, and the ability to learn complex tertiary level business subjects;

To build confidence and public speaking skills; the ability to engage in conversations, discussions, arguments and expression of opinions;

To enhance students’ writing skills; the ability to write summaries and reports accurately;

To provide a real mastery of English as an effective tool for communication in everyday life and business situations in a supportive learning environment.


  CBE (BETEDP to ETEDP levels 1 to 3) - 9 months
ETEDP levels 1 to 3 - 6 months
ETEDP levels 2 to 3 - 4 months
ETEDP level 3 - 2 months


  1. Listening
2. Academic Reading
3. Academic Writing
4. Speaking and Oral Reading
5. Presentation Skills with Powerpoint
6. Business Vocabulary


No Module Name of Lecturer Highest
Conferring University Teaching Basis
1 B-ETEDP / ETEDP Nur Arafah Ali (Nura) BA (Hons) in Southeast Asian Studies 
Diploma in TESOL
National University of Singapore & LTTC, U.K. FULL TIME
2 B-ETEDP / ETEDP Foo Wee Kiat BA in Marketing and Management 
Diploma in TESOL.
Hawaii Pacific University, U.S.A & LTTC, U.K. FULL TIME
3 B-ETEDP / ETEDP Roszana Ngalimen BA in Business (Human Resources)
Diploma in TESOL
Edith Cowan University, Australia & LTTC, U.K. FULL TIME
4 B-ETEDP / ETEDP Asrof Fabiani Bin Ahmad Cambridge International Diploma for Teachers & Trainers
Diploma in TESOL                
University of Cambridge, U.K. & LTTC, U.K. FULL TIME

Gayathiri Thevy

Postgraduate Diploma in Education

National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University of Singapore

6 B-ETEDP / ETEDP Maricris Nubla Barreto BA (Distinction) in Education 
Diploma in TESOL
DLSP Philippines & LTTC U.K. FULL TIME
7 B-ETEDP / ETEDP Carmen Shen Yu BA in Law 
Diploma in TESOL
Northeast Normal University, China & LTTC U.K. FULL TIME
8 B-ETEDP / ETEDP Gayathri Devi Diploma in TESOL LTTC, U.K. PART TIME
9 B-ETEDP / ETEDP Ken Wee Fong Kheng M.A. in Applied Linguistics Nanyang Technological University, Singapore PART TIME
10 B-ETEDP / ETEDP Monica Kho MSc in Human Resource Management Rutgers University, U.S.A. PART TIME
  Average Teacher-student Ratio 1:30
 updated 2011.06.14


  Every month

Upon successful completion of the Certificate in Business English, students are eligible to progress into the Diploma and Degree or Master level programmes offered at East Asia Institute of Management (EASB).

***  Upon completing the B-ETEDP and successfully obtainining either 4.0 or 4.5 students may proceed to do the CBM or Diploma concurrently with the ETEDP programme.
***  Students who already have 4.0/4.5 or 5.0 or 5.5 may do their ETEDP concurrently with the Business Programme.
Basic English Training for Entry into Degree Programme
3 months
English Training for Entry into Degree Programme
Intermediate - Upper Intermediate - Advanced
6 months


Each B-ETEDP student will progress to ETEDP after achieving 4.0 or 4.5 in the final B-ETEDP exam. Upon registering for ETEDP, a student will need to complete that particular stage before progressing into the next sequential stage. Upon successful completion of the entire ETEDP level and attainment of ETEDP Band 3 (equivalent to IELTS 6.0) for the final ETEDP examination, students will be awarded the Certificate in Business English (CBE).



International Students
Students who do not have the necessary foundation in the English Language or whose standard of English proficiency is below IELTS 4.0 or its equivalent must attend B-ETEDP programme. 

  • ETEDP Intermediate                  – IELTS 4.0 /4.5
  • ETEDP Upper-Intermediate     – IELTS 5.0
  • ETEDP Advanced                       – IELTS 5.5
English Entry Requirement to Business Programme
  • Certificate – Minimum ETEDP 1 / Equivalent to IELTS 4.0
  • Diploma Programme – Minimum ETEDP 2 / Equivalent to IELTS 4.5
  • Advanced Diploma Programme – Minimum ETEDP 2 / Equivalent to IELTS 5.0
  • Bachelor / MBA Programme– Minimum ETEDP 3 / Equivalent to IELTS 6.0 


  International students          
  B-ETEDP to ETEDP lvl 1 to 3         ETEDP lvl2 to lvl3
    Course Fees S$ 8,700       Course Fees S$ 4,800  
    Examination Fee S$ 800       Examination Fee S$ 800  
    **Application and Enrolment S$ **380       **Application and Enrolment S$ **380  
    **Admin Fee S$ **1000       **Admin Fee S$ **1000  
    Material Fee S$ 400       Material Fee S$ 300  
    TOTAL S$ 11,280       TOTAL S$ 7,280  
  ETEDP lvl1 to lvl3         ETEDP lvl3 only      
    Course Fees S$ 6,800       Course Fees S$ 2,800  
    Examination Fee S$ 800       Examination Fee S$ 800  
    **Application and Enrolment S$ **380       **Application and Enrolment S$ **380  
    **Admin Fee S$ **1000       **Admin Fee S$ **1000  
    Material Fee S$ 300       Material Fee S$ 300  
    TOTAL S$ 9,280       TOTAL S$ 5,280  
  Medical Insurance   Waived       Other miscelleneous fees may apply      
  FPS Insurance Charge or Escrow Bank Charge   Waived ( Please click here for more information)    
Application and Enrolment Fee is non-refundable.
All prices are subject to prevailing Goods & Services Tax (GST) of 7%.
All prices are effective for intakes from August 2014.
Start of class is subjected to minimum class size achieved.


  You may apply to EASB either
  • by visiting EASB Balestier Campus

  • by mail to: Balestier Campus 9 Ah Hood Road Singapore 329975



Students who complete the programme will be considered to have met the English language proficiency requirement (equivalent to TOEFL 550 and IELTS band 6.0) for admission into the degree programmes offered by many reputable UK, New Zealand and USA universities and be awarded the Certificate in Business English by East Asia Institute of Management.



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